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Who doesn’t love these little beauties?!  Microfiber cloths have swept across the nation over the last few years and have come to be the main use for cleaning a lot of things.  Additionally, they have proven to be both affordable and greener than traditional paper towels over the course of time!  But what makes them so great aside from being soft enough to cuddle with…?

How It’s Made and How It Works  

Not as in depth as the show would be of course, but understanding what these things are made of could end up saving your life!  Did you know that some microfiber towels and cloths are made out of chemicals that, when burned, become highly toxic?  Additionally, some  textiles are made out of petrochemicals which is not a renewable source and is not biodegradable.

Don’t give up hope just yet!

Some microfiber textiles are made from polypropylene and can be recycled!  Worry not, your gym wear won’t cause you to panic at the thought of not being green unless you leave it in your bag for a week.

According to an article by Stacie H. Rosenweig, microfibers are synthetic fibers that are finer than one denier or decitex/thread.  Just for a reference, that is thinner than a strand of silk and only makes up about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair!  These fibers are then woven together in factories to create the cloths and fabrics that we have grown to love.  So here’s a picture to explain how things work for you visual learners out there thanks to the guys over at ERC Wiping Products, Inc.


Did You Know…  

Did you know a couple of years ago, the NBA attempted to change their basketballs to being made of microfibers?  It was said that this would help keep the balls from getting sweaty or damaged during games so that the players would be able to have a better grip.  Sadly, however, this was not to be as a large number of players complained about both their grip on the ball and even a few getting blisters from the ball not being leather!  Despite our love of microfibers, it would appear that it was not meant to be.  For more information about this, there is an article on this here:

Why We Love It

Here at Metroclean, we take pride in how we handle our cleaning solutions and, part of that, means finding the best materials on the market.  Microfiber cloths, mop heads, and other such occurrences to ensure nothing gets damaged – and we mean nothing!  Have you ever attempted to wipe down a computer screen the size of your windshield?  Chances are, you’ll quickly realize you don’t have the right material to handle the job.  That’s where we come in.

But Metroclean Marketing Team, why do you love it?

Aside from in the field and around our own offices, a number of team members love to have small towels for different things.  For example, a few of us use it to clean our glasses, wipe down the insides of our cars, polish book ends, or even to wipe down areas of our homes such as stair railings, hard wood surfaces like tables or chairs, and even our windows.  Last thing anyone wants to do is deal with scratches!

Additionally, these little miracle workers are practically dust magnets!  Best part is that they require almost no use of water or other product.  Of course, should you choose to use either, the material is still sturdy enough to withstand the chemicals you throw at it.  Speaking of sturdy, did we mention they’re machine washable despite being so luxuriously soft?  You read that right;



What We Recommend  

Whether it be for your glasses, car, or home, we recommend considering a few things before you make a purchase:

  • Look for the cloth to be made of worked polypropylene fibers so it will be biodegradable should you get rid of it.
  • Try to sort out what you want to use a microfiber cloth for before you make a purchase; it takes a long time to do anything with a 3″ by 3″ cloth if it isn’t your glasses.
  • How stiff do you need the cloth to be?  Are the materials you’ll use it for glass, stainless steel, wood, etc?  Look before you leap!
  • Pick a color since they come in multiple shades.  We prefer red, gold, or white.

As for location, you can generally find these at your local Home Depot in different sized packages for cloths, an assortment of mitts, and the occasional drying towel for cars.  All of them range in price, so, as we mentioned above, really consider what project you’re going to be focusing on before you make a purchase.

And if all else fails, they make great travel pillows for the car!

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