Commercial Janitorial Company Serving the Houston Community

From educational facilities to hospitals and back again, Metroclean takes pride in providing outstanding janitorial services to the Greater Houston area for more than 25 years. By providing cleaning solutions with tangible results, Metroclean has the experience and trained cleaning professionals to ensure the beauty of your building is properly maintained. Find peace of mind knowing that Metroclean is here to care for your building and tenants like our own family. That’s the Metroclean difference!

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Commercial Janitorial Services

- Fully trained staff

- Full or part-time day janitorial staff

- Deep cleaning services

- Evening services

- Porter Services

- Green Cleaning Practices

Surface Restoration

- Fully trained restoration technicians

- High attention to details

- Proper use of equipment

- Latest Industry standard equipment

- Avoid costly replacements

Pressure Washing

- Save money with water recapture program

- Uphold all local and state regulations

- Remove contaminants and stains at 3,500 psi and 5.4 gallons per minute

- Latest Industry standard equipment

Construction Clean Up

- Highly trained staff

- Extensive safety training

- Proper use of equipment and chemicals

- Earn points towards LEED certification


You can identify our employees by the uniform they wear on-site at your building. Metroclean provides every employee with appropriate and comfortable attire for their task. Safety first! All employees are required to wear closed-toe and rubber-soled shoes.


Exhibiting a safety-first attitude throughout our operations is a priority at Metroclean — starting at the ground level. Metroclean has an in-house OSHA authorized safety trainer to mandate and oversee that OSHA requirements are being kept throughout our operations. Every single Metroclean technician at your job site will exhibit proficiency in safe working procedures as well as proper use of equipment and chemicals.


Our janitors are trained on proper chemical application and dilution to help ensure they are able to identify color-coded products for safety and intended use.  Green chemical application and procedures are taught to ensure a safe environment for not only our employees, but also for your tenants, students and staff.