Industries We Serve

Property Managers

Our bids include cleaning supplies and equipment...

We understand budget constraints and won’t surprise you with hidden costs or nickel and dime you for “extras”.  Our bids include cleaning supplies and equipment specifically outlined for your building.  We don’t change the number of custodians, or shift them from site to site, unless you say so.  We provide a worry-free experience every time within budget – and a clean building! 

Quality Control
We know you’re looking for a janitorial services company that can deliver quality, consistency, and thoroughness every day to provide you with a clean building.  Well, we do exactly that!  

Metroclean is committed to providing a broad formal system of quality assurance and inspections for our janitorial services.  Consequently, to obtain, maintain, and measure quality, Metroclean has created and administers our own computer-based Continuous Quality Improvement program.  This program is not meant to function independently of your internal programs, but is designed to interface with those programs, providing additional reinforcement and support mechanisms. 

Are you already a part of our RequesTrack program? 

Single and Multi-Tenant

First impressions make for lasting impressions...

How does your building stand?  Is it impressive or depressive to visitors or, even worse, your tenants?  Make the right impression the first time.  Metroclean provides deep impact cleaning to make sure everything is as pristine as the day your building opened! 

Tangible Results 
You hold your building in high regard and so do we.  That’s why Metroclean always rises to exceed your expectations.  We constantly produce tangible solutions to your building’s need through results that you can see the moment you arrive! 

Protect Your Investment 
Regardless of being a single or multi-tenant building, they are an investment.  Don’t let your return wear and tear because of time!  Keep your buildings like-new to save heartache for years to come and see a higher return over time. 

Malls and Retail Centers

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for tenants...

First appearances mean everything with high populated areas and we understand the traffic flow of malls and retail centers.  Our priority is to help provide a spotless, beautiful finish to these locations to provide not only a beautiful appearance to customers, but a safe and healthy work environment for tenants. 

Tangible Solutions
Here at Metroclean, we understand that your building is an investment and traffic flow can cause wear and tear to various areas over time.  Don’t let your return fall apart because of time!  Keep your buildings like new to save heartache for years to come and see a higher return over time. 

Safety Matters  
Have you considered what chemicals are being used where?  Do you know what is being used properly to ensure children are safe on equipment, at tables, or even sitting on benches?  Family is very important to us and we treat all potential environments with care.  By providing green cleaning  on timed schedules, we make sure that safety is always maintained within your building in addition to ensuring a lasting beauty. 


K-12 Education

Our children are our future...

Here at Metroclean, we understand how important children are – many of us have our own families and know the stress that comes along with them!  Metroclean provides safe, non-toxic cleaning techniques.  Thanks to our LEADGreen program, we provide products that:

  • Are not corrosive or irritating to the skin or eyes
  • Do not constitute as hazardous waste
  • Are not toxic to humans or aquatic life
  • Are not combustible or flammable
  • Do not contain any carcinogens, mutagens, or teratogens
  • Do not contain chlorinated solvents
  • Do not contain heavy metals or harmful organic chemicals
  • Do not contain bio accumulative substances
  • Do not contain dyes
  • Are not delivered by aerosol cans

Educational: “High Touch Option”

By providing only the best cleaning services and practices, we make sure that your students will have a safe learning environment that cuts down on the passing of germs!  Metroclean provides a ‘High Touch Option’ that focuses added attention to areas that experience more use such as door handles and bars, stair rails, play equipment, computer equipment, ELMO’s, Smart Boards, remotes, and so forth.   We can help lower the amount of sick days students have to take simply because the viruses won’t be able to survive!

Higher Education

Higher Education
Cleaner school facilities make for healthier students and staff...

So let Metroclean make your learning environments and dormitories as healthy as possible with our high-quality cleaning programs!  At Metroclean, we are proud to offer innovative solutions and added-value services to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Let us show you how! 

State-of-the-Art Equipment 
Metroclean stays ahead of industry standards – using only the most advanced equipment, including the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning®  system.  Studies have shown that this system is up to 60 times more effective at removing bacterial contamination than mops!  Each campus receives individualized, brand new, dedicated equipment to ensure great results. 

Ready to GO GREEN?  
We partner with Diversified Chemical & Supply, a Texas HUB, to provide you with the best cleaning products on the market.  You’ll be glad to know that Metroclean can help you GO GREEN and quickly earn points towards your LEED certification.  Ask Metroclean about starting your own green cleaning program for a healthier, safer, and more hygienic building. 

Industrial / Manufacturing

Metroclean adheres to OSHA standards...

When cleaning industrial/manufacturing facilities, Metroclean takes a pro-active route in properly training our employees on safety where industrial strength equipment, protective personal equipment, and safety training are priorities. Metroclean has our very own Health, Safety and Environmental Policy in which we outline our rules and regulations for our janitors in order to be aware of our policies, procedures and expectations. We hold regular safety training classes so that we encompass all safety topics that are pertinent to cleaning industrial facilities as well as office spaces.

Metroclean adheres to OSHA standards and knows the importance of these standards within the cleaning industry and each of our projects. Since there are a lot of potential hazards within an industrial facility, we strive to keep our employees safe and make sure both your equipment and facility are cleaned in the proper manner.



Complete program to exceed medical service levels of expectations...

Metroclean has a comprehensive program to address the unique cleaning requirements associated with, and to improve the overall cleaning quality of, medical facilities and clinics.

To accomplish this, Metroclean developed, customized and manages a complete program to exceed medical service levels of expectations and unique requirements.  Our program is the product of practical hand-on experience in managing healthcare-grade cleaning for our customers. Metroclean warrants all support services provided under the terms of our contract will meet or exceed all criteria of The Joint Commission (TJC).  Metroclean will maintain a measurable Continuous Quality Assurance program (CQA) for your environmental services operations based on a survey and inspection protocol.

Medical: “High Touch”

Metroclean developed and uses our own medical cleaning program to control, as part of the overall Environment of Care, how specific “high touch” environmental surfaces in patient and public areas are cleaned.  Surfaces that are frequently touched by healthcare providers and patients are cleaned nightly by our environmental services personnel.  High Touch focuses on environmental surfaces that contribute to the transmission of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in patient areas, waiting rooms, children play areas, etc. and reduce the transmission of MRSA.  Under our program, our cleaners are trained to provide extra attention to cleaning the following identified as “high touch” items: bed rails, stationary patient equipment, portable patient equipment, over-bed stands, patient chairs, treatment tables, commodes, call bells, television remotes, door handles and bathroom fixtures.

State and County Facilities

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Complying with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances...

Metroclean has the capability to perform the requested services and the ability to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances, now in effect or that may later be promulgated.  Metroclean will provide our own insurance as required to cover our employees and sub-contractors.  Additionally, we will successfully provide background checks on all employees.  If requested, our background screening vendor can provide additional services such as fingerprinting, drug testing, occupational health screening and DOT compliance services. 

Health and Fitness Centers

Men's Locker Room
Simple Fact: Unsatisfied customers leave...

Don’t let cleanliness and sanitation be the reason why! 

Cleanliness and Revenue

Locations that are perceived as unclean see an annual decrease in membership renewals.  This can lead to negative social media reviews and can dramatically decrease enrollment.  Clubs that pay attention to their level of cleanliness have seen increases in club usage and services purchased by members.  To that extent, IHRSA’s Guide to Health Club Cleanliness has proven that members who perceive the location as very clean tend to spend an additional 7.23% on fee based services. 

Clean up your bottom line by creating a healthy environment that is easier to manage and builds membership by allowing Metroclean's janitorial program to step in.