"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

--Benjamin Franklin


Employee Training

The primary objectives of Metroclean’s Training Program are to:

  • Prepare the new employee for his or her job function
  • Improve job skills to affect a raise in the quality and quantity of performance
  • Develop personnel into management positions
  • Increase the general knowledge and awareness of industry-related information within the employee
  • Improve morale and effectiveness by providing a sense of value and an acknowledgment of accomplishment for and by the employee to the facility



Before starting a project, Metroclean requires each janitor to become certified through our own training program, Metroclean Janitorial Certification Program (MJCP).  This program combines training of Metroclean’s core values along with industry and job specific training.  In this program,the core values taught include personal work behaviors, decision making, contribution and interpersonal interaction. The industry specific training is broken into four modules and each module covers safety, equipment, chemicals, and proper technique.

*Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided and updated as needed for all chemicals on the property. This is a standard procedure in all Metroclean contracted buildings.  Metroclean Janitorial Certification Program (MJCP) is a proprietary training program.

Our Team

Once our janitors are trained and certified through the MJCP, training doesn't just end. There are monthly refresher courses for the four modules the MJCP covers—safety, equipment, chemicals and proper cleaning technique—conducted by Metroclean's OSHA trained and certified Director of Human Resources and Safety. 



  • Janitors able to identify potential hazards and evaluate compliance requirements.
  • They are taught to consider the health and safety of people around them.
  • Individualized training is provided to janitors with specialized tasks.


  • Each janitor trained to properly and safely use equipment that pertains to specific particular tasks.
  • Equipment includes vacuums, restroom equipment such as Kaivac and buffer machines and flooring equipment that includes carpet extractors, propane-high-speed buffers and ride-on scrubbers.


  • Janitors trained on proper chemical application and dilution.
  • They able to identify color-coded products for safety and intended use.
  • Green chemical application and procedures are also taught.


  • Janitors introduced to Metroclean’s cleaning guidelines and performance standards.
  • Through hands-on-demonstrations, each janitor will learn and practice the proper techniques for general office, restroom, kitchen, metal, window, blind and floor cleaning.
  • Soft skills such as being courteous and alert are also taught.