Quality Assurance Our Clients Can Count On

Metroclean is committed to providing a broad formal system of quality assurance and inspections for our janitorial services; therefore, to obtain and consistently maintain and measure quality, Metroclean has instituted and administers our own computer-based Continuous Quality Improvement program.  This program is not meant to function independently of your internal programs, but is designed to interface with those programs, providing additional reinforcement and support mechanisms.  The program will track, document, and report on the following objectives:

  • Establishment and maintenance of operational standards to ensure optimum conditions of cleanliness and peak efficiencies
  • Establishment and utilization of audit and feedback mechanisms to obtain input from internal and external sources
  • Reduced levels of staff attrition to provide a work force functioning at prime efficiency
  • Provision for research and development of new procedures, technologies, and operational methodologies for ongoing departmental operations
  • Establishment of the criteria required to perform both an internal and external audit of departmental programs, ensuring their successful applications
  • Development of problem resolution techniques and related documentation


Quality Assurance

We know you’re looking for a janitorial company who can provide consistency and thoroughness every day. We do exactly that. We have a critical inspection process that’s conducted weekly by our Operations Manager, ensuring a thorough cross-examination.  Results are shared with the client through our log book as well as quarterly through a summary report.

Our inspection process is a strategic plan that has been created to identify issues and maintain a steady reaction to take care of our customers. Bi-monthly, Metroclean managers will meet with the janitorial supervisors to advise them of your expectations as well as industry trends, new equipment training, and safety programs. We truly care and put that personal touch into each building – nothing goes unnoticed.


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