Proper Grout Cleaning & Why Kaivac is the Best For It

Most odors in restrooms reside in the grout, believe it or not. If you are able to smells odors in restrooms, it more than likely means its not being cleaned properly. Traditional mopping of restroom floors just pushes around the grime and doesn’t get rid of it. What has been found highly effective in cleaning restroom grout and therefore removing odor, is spray-and-vac systems. By using this type of machine, all the grime is loosened and removed from the restrooms and disposed of properly.

Metroclean has found the Kaivac to be the most useful spray-and-vac system. Kaivac is a No-Touch Cleaning System that combines a pressure washer with chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies. Studies have shown that “spray-and-vac cleaning is by far the most effective cleaning method for removing contamination from… grouted floor [areas]. Cleaning with the [microfiber] mops left 30 times more soil than cleaning with the spray-and-vac system.”

Grout care is important is extending the life of your grout and in removing odors. Not only does a spray-and-vac system produce the best results, but it reduces cleaning time, making janitors more efficient and able to focus on other areas of your building.

To learn more about Metroclean’s use of the Kaivac for targeting your grout grime, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Lesli Mann, at (713) 255-0100 or


Source:  Kaivac, “Back to Back Studies Find Similar Results.”


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