Invest in Janitorial

Invest in Janitorial 2

Like most services, the commercial cleaning industry is all about performance. Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal and it is imperative to invest in a high-quality commercial janitorial services company.

Why invest in a high-quality janitorial services company?

A high-quality company ensures quality services are provided. The quality of janitorial services provided at a facility determines how clean, presentable and well maintained the facility is. In the long run, maintaining facilities appropriately with deep cleanings and proper cleaning and upkeep from a quality staff will save the facility money and keep the value of the facility up.

How do you know a janitorial company is high-quality?

High-quality companies are more than happy to supply a minimum of three references. Such companies will usually have added-value systems in place such as safety directors on staff and training programs that cover topics such as equipment, chemicals and safety procedures. These types of service providers also like to stay above industry standards so they will use the latest equipment and Green options with regards to chemicals, equipment and consumables.

How much of a difference does the cleanliness of my facility make?

For many facilities, how clean it is can deeply impact whether or not clients or customers return, if someone will invest in renting office space in the building and even how well employees perform. Well maintained office space is more likely to be filled than a space that needs a lot of work which makes it easier to fill up vacancies and/or keep rental spaces occupied.  In regards to employee performance, if bathrooms and offices aren’t cleaned well regularly, the spreading of germs and sickness is guaranteed. Lastly, people remember first impressions so keeping publicly used areas such as lobbies spotless can be an important factor when dealing with clients and customers.

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